Brother FS101 Sewing Machine

If you’re a fashion buff and are looking for outlets to spread your creative wings through stitching and design fabric all by yourself then you’re at the right place. As in the post below we’re going to review Brother FS101 electronic sewing machine for our home experts at sewing.

This machine is best if you’re a complete novice and doesn’t where to begin from. It contains a range of standard easy to features including intrinsic pointer negotiating, quick set reel and reel winding, speed and stitch width/length control besides a 7 point feed for smooth feeding of various materials from sheer silk to denim. With a sewing speed of up to 850 stitches a minute, the FS101 is the impeccable companion for your creative assessment.

Smart Features Brother FS101

  • Brother FS101comes with a 100 inbuilt stitches and 8 one-step buttonholes
  • Sewing speed: 850spm & speed control by shutter key
  • The machine offers Multidirectional sewing
  • 7 point feed system for smooth and superior stitch quality on a variety of materials
  • Stitch length and width control
  • Offers LCD display
  • Comes with start/Stop key
  • Lower noise level (70db)

Several features of an electric machine include the ability to recurrently cut the thread and to frequently control the tension and stitch length to fit the necessities of a specific project. This keeps the home tailor frustration at bay and also saves time.

Electronic machines will also automatically sew buttonholes when the preferred size and shape is entered into the machine. These types of machines are characteristically more operative than automatic types temporarily they are run via electrical characters to switch the promptness and precision of the sewing.

Mechanical machines, instead, rely on motorized parts only, making them fundamentally no more than a manual machine run on power. Electronic machines come handy for an amateur tailor who has more than the basic knowledge of the art of sewing. If you’re planning to use the sewing machine on a semi-fixed basis or for more complicated projects than basic stitching, an electronic machine is the best choice.

Pros of Computerized Machines

  1. Automatic Features

 The computerized sewing machine offers many automatic features such as automatic needle threaded, automatic needle up and down, automatic thread cutter, auto tension, etc. These vital features are useful and save time and other resources. An extra automatic feature that you can find on many types of machinery is a ‘locking stitch’ which controls your sewing beneath for a neater finish.

  1. Dozens of Stitch Options

 Some machines have hundreds of stitch choices counting letters and symbols. This actually opens up the potentials for what you can do with your sewing schemes.

  1. Dozens of Automatic Buttonholes

 Creating a carnation could not be any earlier or stress-free than it is with a computerized machine. You simply put on the buttonhole foot and press the button or press the foot pedal and let it do its work – there you have it you have a faultless carnation in no time.

  1. Speed Regulator

A computerized machine has better speed regulator, and many types of equipment have the choice where you don’t even require using the foot bar.

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